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West Coast Swing

Here are some examples of West Coast Swing at competition level. Keep in mind these dancers are pros and whilst their moves look really intricate, they are still maintaining their fundamentals which you will start to learn from your first lesson.

This couple are 2013 Australian Open West Coast Swing Dance Championships, Classic Division Champions – Peter Fradley & Michelle Fletcher. They are the principals of Swing Skool and our gurus in all matters WCS.

2013 Australian Open WCS | Classic Division Champions


Robert and Melissa are from the USA and have been competing in and teaching WCS, with their respective partners, for many years. Here they are 2009 USA Grand National Dance Championship, Strictly Swing West Coast Swing Champions – Robert Royston & Melissa Rutz

Robert Royston and Melissa Rutz, Grand Nationals


John and Deborah are also from the USA and show you that people of all shapes and sizes can still get their groove on. Here they are 2006 North Atlantic Dance Championships, West Coast Swing Jack & Jill Champions – John Lindo & Deborah Szekely

John Lindo & Deborah Szekely 1st place West Coast Swing Janck & Jill


Line Dancing


Illawarra Country Bootscooters 29 Years & Under Open Small Team performing their 1st placing competition version of ‘Objection’ at the 2013 Mayworth Australian Country Line Dance Festival

Open Small Team – 1st Place Illawarra – Objection


Hotfoot Line Dance Open Large Team performing their 3rd placing competition version of ‘Fake ID’ at the 2013 NSW Open Line Dance Championships

Fake ID – Line Dance Competition 2013


Ballroom Dancing 

Paul Green (one of my heros) & Daria Walczak performing at the 2012 WDC AL Luna Park Ballroom Dancing Championships

WDC AL Luna Park Ballroom Dancing Championship 2012


Stefano Oliveri & Skye Wilson performing a New Vogue floorshow at the 2013 Night of Stars Competition

56 New Vogue Floorshow by Stefano Olivieri & Skye Wilson


The Professional Standard Final at 2013 Blackpool

Blackpool 2013 – Pro Standard – Final



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